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Mystic in the Theatre

Mystic in the Theatre

Eleonora Duse

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Eva Le Gallienne


192 pages, 4.875 x 7.875


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“A fascinating biography of one professional by another. Le Gallienne writes with old-fashioned reverence about the great Italian actress.”—ChicagoSun-Times

“While Eva Le Gallienne’s approach to Eleonora Duse is reverent, it is also scholarly, stylishly written, and considering her personal debt to Duse, remarkably objective. . . . [She] disposes of the hard-dying myth that the great Italian actress played simply on the inspiration of the moment.... Le Gallienne’s thesis is that Duse’s artistic triumphs resulted from her victories over herself, triumphs of character achieved through intellectual and spiritual struggle.... [This book] has yet another quality, however, which concerns Miss Le Gallienne herself. It steadily if indirectly shines with her own idealistic concept of theater.”—Christian Science Monitor

“[The Mystic in the Theatre is] thoughtful, sensible, candid and literate. . . [Le Gallienne’s] own memories provide a fascinating glimpse both into herself and the tired, fading great actress whom she adored.”—Tyrone Guthrie, New YorkTimesBook Review

“In support of her title . . . Miss Le Gallienne adduces evidence of Duse’s long and earnest study of the writings of mystics and philosophers. . . . I never saw the actress Duse nor met the woman. Miss Le Gallienne did both, and I, for one, am grateful to her for this reverent recording of both experiences.”—Saturday Review