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Aviation Industry Regulation

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Harry P. Wolfe and David A. NewMyer


244 pages, 6 x 9


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About the Book

This is the first book to explain how the government regulates the aviation industry.

Chapter 1 defines key terms and pro­vides an overall view of the industry. Chapter 2describes the evolution of reg­ulations and regulatory agencies. The third chapter explains how federal regu­lators exercise authority. Chapter 4 dis­cusses regulatory powers in state and lo­cal governments. Chapter 5 explains how a regulation is formulated. Chapter 6 examines four categories of aviation: reg­ulations related to airline business prac­tices, to safety, to the environment, and to miscellaneous factors. Chapter 7 dis­cusses ways in which major segments of the industry are actually regulated. And Chapter 8 forecasts future directions in aviation regulation.


Harry P. Wolfe became Airport Plan­ning Program Manager for the Arizona Department of Transportation in 1978. Since 1980 he has operated an aviation consulting business in Phoenix.

David A. NewMyer is Coordinator, Aviation Management, and a member of the fac­ulty in the Division of Advanced Tech­nical Studies, School of Technical Ca­reers, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.