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Sceno-Graphic Techniques

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W. Oren Parker


Paperback (Other formats: NLEB)
160 pages, 10 x 7, 189 illustrations


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About the Book

The first book to bring together the drafting techniques, descriptive geometry, engineering drawing, and graphics of perspective needed to plan and execute a setting for the theatre.

Parker presents these elements in a logical three-part format. “The Language of Lines” offers a study of drafting techniques, conventions, and symbols peculiar to the theatre; “Graphic Solutions” deals with the graphic problem-solving often needed to draw and make the frequent irregular forms of present-day scene design; and “Perspective in the Theatre” treats the two-dimensional perspective of the designer’s sketch and the three-dimensional perspective required for an illusion or stylistic concept.


W. Oren Parker is Professor Emeritus, Carnegie-Mellon University. His Scene Design and Stage Lighting is a widely acknowledged classic.


“[This] work is a treasure trove. I have thoroughly enjoyed it: utile dulci”.

Dunbar G. Ogden, Stanford University