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Perspectives on Literacy

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Edited by Eugene R. Kintgen, Barry M. Kroll, and Mike Rose


496 pages, 7 x 10


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About the Book

The 28 essays reprinted here are arranged in four sections that offer theoretical, historical, educational, and community perspectives on the whole topic of literacy. In addition to their substantial introduction, the editors provide an exhaustive bibliography based on the citations to the essays.

Kintgen, Kroll, and Rose see literacy as an extremely complex area of inquiry in which all aspects are interrelated, and they hope to avoid creating or perpetuating false boundaries within the field.

The book’s first section contains articles dealing with various psychological and economic consequences of literacy. The second provides an introduction to the development of literacy in different eras of the West, from its inception among the Greeks to the teaching of it in North America during the past century. The third section treats the teaching of literacy in educational institutions, primarily at the secondary and post-secondary levels. The final section discusses literacy outside the traditional classroom: the development of literacy among children and adults, the functions and uses of literacy in the workplace and elsewhere, and the identity and problems of those who have not mastered literacy skills.


Eugene R. Kintgen is Professor of English and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Indiana University.

Barry M. Kroll is Associate Professor of English at Indiana University.

Mike Rose is Director of the Freshman Writing Program at U.C.L.A.