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Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 17, 1925 - 1953

Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 17, 1925 - 1953

1885 - 1953, Miscellaneous Writings

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John Dewey. Edited by Jo Ann Boydston


Hardcover (Other formats: Paperback)
pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Collected Works of John Dewey


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About the Book

This is the final textual volume in The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882–1953, published in 3 series comprising 37 volumes: The Early Works, 1882–1898 (5 vols.); The Middle Works, 1899–1924 (15 vols.); The Later Works, 1925–1953 (17 vols.).

Volume 17 contains Dewey’s writings discovered after publication of the appropriate volume of The Collected Works and spans most of Dewey’s publishing life. There are 83 items in this volume, 24 of which have not been previously published.

Among works highlighted in this volume are 10 “Educational Lectures before Brigham Young Academy,” early essays “War’s Social Results” and “The Problem of Secondary Education after the War,” and the previously unpublished “The Russian School System.”


Sidney Hook, protégé, colleague, and friend of John Dewey, was Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

Jo Ann Boydston is Distinguished Professor Emerita at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Director of the Center for Dewey Studies.