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Germany, Third Edition

Germany, Third Edition

A Short History

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Donald S. Detwiler


Paperback (Other formats: NLEB)
360 pages, 6 x 9, 12 illustrations


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About the Book

This new edition of a best-selling history of Germany, originally published in 1976, includes the great watershed of 1989–90 and its aftermath. With twelve maps, a chronology of events, and an updated bibliographical essay, Germany: A Short History provides a thorough introduction to German history from antiquity to the present.


Donald S. Detwiler, professor of history at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, received his doctorate cum laude at Goettingen. He is chairman of the World War Two Studies Association and a council member and past president of the Association for the Bibliography of History. Detwiler's publications include Hitler, Franco und Gibraltar, an annotated translation of Percy E. Schramm's Hitler: The Man and the Military Leader, the documentary collection World War II German Military Studies (24 volumes), and, with Ilse E. Detwiler, an annotated bibliography, West Germany: The Federal Republic of Germany.


"The strength of Detwiler's accomplishment lies in his ability to explain concisely what was at the root of complex matters such as the lay investiture controversy—and to choose the right things to explain. He is also very good at showing why the accomplishments of such diverse worthies as Frederick Barbarossa, Bismarck, Stresemann, and Adenauer have earned them their places in German history." Library Journal