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Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 4, 1925 - 1953

Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 4, 1925 - 1953

1929: The Quest for Certainty

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John Dewey. Edited by Jo Ann Boydston


E-book (Other formats: Hardcover)
5.5 x 8.5

Collected Works of John Dewey


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About the Book

This volume provides an authoritative edition of Dewey’s The Quest for Cer­tainty: A Study of the Relation Between Knowledge and Action. The book is made up of the Gifford Lectures deliv­ered April–May 1929 at the University of Edinburgh. Writing to Sidney Hook, Dewey described this work as “a criti­cism of philosophy as attempting to at­tain theoretical certainty.” In the Philo­sophical Review Max C. Otto later elaborated: “Mr. Dewey wanted, so far as lay in his power, to crumble into dust, once and for all, ‘the chief fortress of the classic philosophical tradition.”


Stephen Toulmin is Professor in the Community on Social Thought, Univer­sity of Chicago.

Jo Ann Boydston is Gen­eral Editor of the Later Works, The Mid­dle Works of John Dewey, 1899–1924, and The Early Works of John Dewey, 1882–1898.

Harriet Furst Simon is a staff member at the Dewey Center.