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Looking for Lincoln in Illinois

Looking for Lincoln in Illinois

A Guide to Lincoln's Eighth Judicial Circuit

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Guy C. Fraker


Paperback (Other formats: E-book)
152 pages, 6 x 9, 97 illustrations

Looking for Lincoln


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About the Book

Winner, ISHS Annual Award for a Scholarly Publication, 2018

For twenty-three years Abraham Lincoln practiced law on the Eighth Judicial Circuit in east central Illinois, and his legal career is explored in Looking for Lincoln in Illinois: A Guide to Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial Circuit. Guy C. Fraker directs readers and travelers through the prairies to the towns Lincoln visited regularly. Twice a year, spring and fall, Lincoln’s work took him on a journey covering more than four hundred miles. As his stature as a lawyer grew, east central Illinois grew in population and influence, and the Circuit provided Lincoln with clients, friends, and associates who became part of the network that ultimately elevated him to the presidency.
This guidebook to the Circuit features Illinois courthouses, Looking for Lincoln Wayside Exhibits, and other Lincoln points of interest. Fraker guides travelers down the long stretches of quiet country roads that gave Lincoln time to read and think to the locations where Lincoln’s broad range of cases expanded his sense of the economic and social forces changing America.


Guy C. Fraker, a retired attorney, is the author of Lincoln’s Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit He was a consultant for the WILL-TV documentary Lincoln: Prelude to the Presidency, and he cocurated Prologue to the Presidency: Abraham Lincoln on the Illinois Eighth Judicial Circuit, an exhibit on permanent display at the David Davis Mansion.