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Theatre and Cartographies of Power

Theatre and Cartographies of Power

Repositioning the Latina/o Americas

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Edited by Jimmy A. Noriega and Analola Santana


Paperback (Other formats: E-book)
320 pages, 6.125 x 9.25, 15 illustrations

Theater in the Americas


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About the Book

From the colonial period to independence and into the twenty-first century, Latin American culture has been mapped as a subordinate “other” to Europe and the United States. This collection reconsiders geographical space and power and the ways in which theatrical and performance histories have been constructed throughout the Americas. Essays bridge political, racial, gender, class, and national divides that have traditionally restricted and distorted our understanding of Latin American theatre and performance. Contributors—scholars and artists from throughout the Americas, including well-known playwrights, directors, and performers—imagine how to reposition the Latina/o Americas in ways that offer agency to its multiple peoples, cultures, and histories. In addition, they explore the ways artists can create new maps and methods for their creative visions.
Building on hemispheric and transnational models, this book demonstrates the capacity of theatre studies to challenge the up-down/North-South approach that dominates scholarship in the United States and presents a strong case for a repositioning of the Latina/o Americas in theatrical histories and practices.


Jimmy A. Noriega, an associate professor of theatre at the College of Wooster, has directed over thirty productions in English and Spanish. He has published essays on Latinx theatre and performance and is the recipient of the 2013 Elliott Hayes Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy from the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas.
Analola Santana, an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, works as a professional dramaturg and is a company member of Mexico’s famed Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes. She has published books and articles on Latin American and Latinx theatre and performance, including Teatro y Cultura de Masas: Encuen­tros y Debates. 


“With great expertise, the editors arrange a contrapuntal discourse as each subsequent essay is a productive foil for a previous one or introduces a new wrinkle to the hemisphere’s theatrical landscape.”—Eric Mayer-García, Theatre Journal

"This compilation is a major contribution to the field of Latin/o American theatre and performance. With almost half of the contributions in translation, this edited volume succeeds in remapping our knowledge by offering theatre directors, historians, scholars, and other artists a space to share their own point of view about creation and reception.Thus this book is a gem for scholars and theatre practitioners interested in learning and teaching about the wide array of theatrical practice in the Latino/a Americas."—Paola HernandezTheatre Topics

“This book brings into conversation many of the world’s most important Latin American theatre scholars and practitioners. Noriega and Santana present fresh themes and innovative, cutting-edge theories and artistic practices, expanding conceptions of Latin American and Latinx theatre.”—Gail A. Bulman, author of Staging Words, Performing Worlds

“By including the work of cutting-edge artists alongside theatre theorists and historians, the editors also unmask the hierarchy that has often worked against the recognition that Latina/o American artists are important critical thinkers about power, representation, and violence in the Americas. I can’t wait to introduce this volume to my students and colleagues.”—Patricia Ybarra, author of Performing Conquest