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Flowering Plants: Willows to Mustards

Flowering Plants: Willows to Mustards

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Robert H. Mohlenbrock


E-book (Other formats: Hardcover)
5.5 x 8.5, 857 illustrations

The Illustrated Flora of Illinois


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About the Book

This eighth volume in the comprehen­sive Illustrated Flora of Illinois series is the seventh volume devoted to flowering plants (the eighth volume is devoted to ferns) and the second treating dicotyledons, which include such well-known plants as roses, peas, mustards, mints, nightshades, milkweeds, and asters. The previous volume on dicots, Flower­ing Plants: Hollies to Loasas, was pub­lished in 1978.

In the present volume, Mohlenbrock includes three orders of vascular plants encompassing five families. The orders are Salicales and Tamaricales, of the Salicaceae and Tamaricaceae families, and Capparidales, of the Capparidaceae, Re­sedaceae, and Brassicaceae families. In all, 44 genera and 117species are treat­ed in this volume, each species illustrat­ed in detail.


Robert H. Mohlenbrock is Professor of Botany and Chairman of the Department at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.