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Collected Works of John Dewey

Series Editor, Jo Ann Boydston

The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953, thirty-seven volumes divided into early works, middle works, and later works, plus index, includes all the books and articles published during John Dewey’s intellectual career from 1882 to 1952 as well as selected personal correspondence and posthumous publications. This definitive series makes accessible the distinctive thought of America’s national philosopher.

“No serious student of twentieth-century American intellectual, social, or political history can get along without The Collected Works of John Dewey.”—the late Richard Rorty, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Philosophy, Stanford University

“The Collected Works is the indispensable tool for the study of John Dewey’s thought.”—Hilary Putnam, Cogan University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

“The Collected Works of John Dewey is the must-have resource for all serious students of education.”—Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Charles Warren Professor of the History of American Education, Harvard University

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