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Rhetoric in the Modern Era

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The goal of the series Rhetoric in the Modern Era is to prompt and sponsor book-length treatments of important rhetorical theorists and of philosophers and literary theorists who make substantial contributions to our understanding of language and rhetoric. In some cases, a book in the series is the first book-length treatment of an important figure; in others, a book in the series is the first to examine a philosopher or theorist from the perspective of rhetorical theory.

Books in the series are intended for nonspecialists—graduate students coming to the study of a theorist for the first time and professors broadly interested in the rhetorical tradition. The books are comprehensive introductions—comprehensive in the sense that they provide brief biographies, descriptions of the intellectual milieu, and discussions of the major scholarship on the figures as context for a detailed examination of each figure’s contribution to rhetorical theory or history.

Series Editors, Arthur E. Walzer and Edward Schiappa

Arthur E. Walzer is a professor emeritus in the Communication Studies Department, University of Minnesota. He has published a book on George Campbell and coedited collections on the rhetorical tradition and on Aristotle’s Rhetoric. His work has appeared in Rhetorica, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Advances in the History of Rhetoric, College English, and other scholarly journals. He is currently the editor of Advances in the History of Rhetoric.

Edward Schiappa is the John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities and the head of comparative media studies and writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been named, on the basis of his extensive research in classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, a research fellow by the Rhetoric Society of America and a distinguished scholar by the National Communication Association.

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[This series is no longer accepting submissions.]

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