New Release for May 2024

With a new month comes a new release!

Wear Some Armor in Your Hair: Urban Renewal and the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Lincoln Park, by Brian Mullgardt, is a study about the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, which began peacefully but quickly turned into what was later termed a “police riot.”

Brian Mullgardt’s investigation of this event and the preceding tensions charts a complex social history that brings together Chicago history, the 1960s, and urbanization, focusing not on the national leaders but on the grassroots activists of the time.

“With great precision, clarity, and ample evidence, Mullgardt demonstrates how a particular constellation of forces—liberalism, urban renewal, counterculture, local activists, and clergy—shaped Chicago’s North side before and after the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Scholars of urban history and students of the sixties will find this book an important and fascinating read.”—Damon R. Bach, author of The American Counterculture: A History of Hippies and Cultural Dissidents

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