2024 Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month all June long with a selection of titles from SIU Press!

The Flesh Between Us

Tory Adkisson


Catherine Pond

View from True North

Sara Henning

The Gospel according to Wild Indigo

Cyrus Cassells

Retroactivism in the Lesbian Archives

Jean Bessette

Into Each Room We Enter without Knowing

Charif Shanahan

Fashioning Lives

Eric Darnell Pritchard

Shattered Applause

Robert A Schanke

A Gambler’s Instinct

Milly S. Barranger

The Song of Eros

Bradley P. Nystrom, Claudette Sherbert LITTLE

Women in Turmoil

Robert A Schanke, Robert A Schanke

Strange Valentine

A. Loudermilk

Caffe Cino

Wendell C. Stone

That Furious Lesbian

Robert A Schanke

The Mystic in the Theatre

Eva Le Gallienne