Spring 2024 Recap

Spring 2024 Collection of SIU Press books

The first half of 2024 was a great time for SIU Press. From poetry to history to an updated industry standard, we’ve released a diverse collection of books. Browse the selections below to see all of our newest releases.

Engineering Victory

Justin S. Solonick

Stage Rigging Handbook, Fourth Edition

Jay O. Glerum, Shane Kelly, Mark Shanda

One Step Ahead

Alfred Philip Feldman

Sudden Deaths in St. Louis

Sarah E. Lirley


Sara Henning

Pulling off the Sheets

Darrel Dexter, John A. Beadles

Civil Twilight

Cynthia Huntington

Wear Some Armor in Your Hair

Brian Mullgardt

They Both Reached for the Gun

Charles H. Cosgrove

Mennonites of Southern Illinois

Jane Flynn, Herbert K. Russell, Liz Liz Wells