Check out a selection of our Chicago related titles.

Onward to Chicago

Larry A. McClellan

Avenues of Transformation

James Edstrom

Latinos in Chicago

Wilfredo Cruz

The Loop

Patrick T. Reardon

Tales of Forgotten Chicago

Richard C Lindberg


Andrea Friederici Ross

The Chicago River

Libby Hill

Chicago Heights

Charles Hager, David T. Miller, Louis Corsino, Ashleigh D'Andrea

Fortune and Faith in Old Chicago

Charles H. Cosgrove

Grant Park

Dennis H Cremin

Chicago TV Horror Movie Shows

Ted Okuda, Mark Yurkiw

The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television

Ted Okuda, Jack Mulqueen

Poles in Illinois

John Radzilowski, Ann Hetzel Gunkel

The Irish in Illinois

Mathieu W. Billings, Sean Farrell

Germans in Illinois

Miranda E. Wilkerson, Heather Richmond

A New Deal for Bronzeville

Lionel Kimble

Grafters and Goo Goos

James L. Merriner

The New Chicago Way

Edgar H Bachrach, Austin Ray Berg

Chicago Transformed

Joseph Gustaitis

The Railroad Tycoon Who Built Chicago

Jack Harpster

Chicago's Fabulous Fountains

Greg Borzo, Julia Thiel, Geoffrey Baer, Debra Shore

The Ordeal of the Jungle

David Bates

Knock at the Door of Opportunity

Christopher Robert Reed

Black Writing from Chicago

Richard R. Guzman


Dave Baron

Wear Some Armor in Your Hair

Brian Mullgardt

They Both Reached for the Gun

Charles H. Cosgrove

Puerto Ricans in Illinois

Maura I. Toro-Morn, Ivis Garcia

Chicago Death Trap

Nat Brandt, Perry R Duis, Cathlyn Schallhorn

Olmsted's Riverside

Cathy Jean Maloney

A Brick and a Bible

Melissa Ford


Irving Cutler, James F Marran

Chicago's Irish Legion

James B. Swan

Chicago's Greatest Year, 1893

Joseph Gustaitis

Shattered Sense of Innocence

Richard C Lindberg, Gloria Jean Sykes

The Poorhouse

Devereux Bowly