Perspectives on Crime and Justice

Open, inclusive, and broad in focus, Perspectives on Crime and Justice covers scholarship on a wide range of crime and justice issues, including the exploration of understudied subjects relating to crime, its causes, and attendant social responses.

For queries and submissions, contact Joseph A. Schafer, Series Editor, Arizona State University, [email protected].

Q Policing

Roddrick Colvin, Angela Dwyer, Sulaimon Giwa, Dhanya Babu, Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill, Julio A. Martin, Koree S. Badio, Tyson Marlow, Roberto L. Abreu, Alexa DeGagne, Max Osborn, Sean A. McCandless, Mitchell D. Sellers, Emma L. Turley, Heather Panter, Lauren Moton, Nick Rumens, Seth J. Meyer, Nicole Elias, Paige L. Moore, Leah M. Rouse

It Started with the Hats

Paul F. Joyce, J. Larry Mayes

Institutional Sexual Abuse in the #MeToo Era

Jason D. Spraitz, Kendra N. Bowen, Nicole Bedera, Shelly Lynn Clevenger, Tracy Everbach, Pamela J. Forman, Mia Rose Gilliam, Matthew Robert Hassett, Jacqueline Johnson Lambiase, Renee D. Lamphere, Tania G. Levey, Lake D. Montie, Anne M. Nurse, Ashley Wellman, Amina Zarrugh, Carolyn Bronstein

Dilemma of Duties

Anne M. Corbin

Demystifying the Big House

Katherine A Foss, Emily Plec, Adina Schneeweis, Amanda Barnes Cook, Sarah Fenstermaker, Valerie Jenness, J. David Wolfgang, Pauline Matthey, Kathryn M. Whiteley, Meredith Huey Dye, S. Lenise Wallace, Rebecca Kern, Kalen Churcher, Joy Jenkins, L. Clare Bratten, Le’Brian A. Patrick